The UC Berkeley Symphony Orchestra is going to Spain! The UCBSO is planning an eleven day international tour to Spain in the summer of 2017! We will play four concerts, showcasing exciting pieces from the standard repertoire, as well as new musical works and technologies developed by UC Berkeley’s own composers and researchers. Your support will make this tour a reality for the UCBSO.

Please make a gift today!

The orchestra is comprised of nearly 100 UC Berkeley undergraduate and graduate students, staff, and members of the community. We provide unique and innovative programming to our campus and the Bay Area, performed by students who will become tomorrow’s national leaders in all industries.

UC Berkeley is already known on an international level in numerous fields, and we want to heighten awareness of the outstanding depth of musicality that our orchestra possesses. To this end, the UCBSO will be touring four major cities of Spain – Barcelona, Madrid, Granada, and Valencia – and playing to audiences of over 2,000 people. This will put UC Berkeley and its music program on the international map.

We need your help to make this tour happen – please consider making a gift to the UCBSO today!

This tour will be an extraordinary experience for our students, enriching their lives and broadening their perspectives through the exploration of a foreign culture. It will undoubtedly foster the growth of our students as global citizens and augment the merits of UC Berkeley abroad.

However, many of our young students lack the financial support to cover the cost of this tour. In the current challenging economic environment at our public university, philanthropy is particularly crucial for our members. Gifts that enable our young musicians to take part in major performance initiatives will make a difference in their lives that will last a lifetime. Your support will go directly to students who do not have the financial means to go on the tour and create a strong foundation for our fundraising campaign throughout the season.  Every little bit helps; every dollar bring one of our talented musicians closer to Spain. Thank you for making this opportunity possible for our musicians!

We will make Berkeley proud. Go Bears!

Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest – UC Berkeley Symphony Orchestra, May 2014

Questions? Concerns? Contact Andrea Mich at Thank you and Go Bears!