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UCBSO & Summer Symphony Audition Info

NOTE: the due date for the Summer Symphony recordings has changed to Friday, June 30th, at 11:59pm. If this deadline has passed, but you still wish to join the orchestra, don’t hesitate to reach out to Thomas Green at greent(at)berkeley(dot)edu.

Audition information is for Summer 2023, although excerpt requirements will remain the same in Fall 2023

Membership in UC Berkeley Symphony Orchestra (UCBSO), Chamber Orchestra, and Summer Symphony is by audition only, and is open to Berkeley students as well as community members. Auditions are held every fall and spring before each semester begins.

Summer 2023 auditions will consist of a video submission

If you have any questions or concerns (including any deadline extensions), please contact Thomas Green at greent(at)berkeley(dot)edu.

Members in the UCB Symphony and Chamber Orchestras during the 22-23 academic year do not need to audition for the Summer Symphony. If it has been more than a year since you have been in either orchestra, we ask that you reaudition for seating purposes.

Audition Video and Form (for best consideration, forms and videos are due by Fri. 6/30 at 11:59pm Pacific Time):

  1. Upload a video recording of required excerpts on YouTube.
    • Video requirements are available at the bottom of this page.
  2. Fill out an audition form  HERE.
    • Note: YouTube link of your video recording must be included on your form.

NOTE: The first rehearsal for UCB Summer Symphony is Thurs. 7/6.

Audition Video Requirements (video due by Friday, 6/30 at 11:59pm Pacific Time):

  • Solo Piece: a portion of a piece or multiple pieces that demonstrate both fast and slow playing (not to exceed 5 minutes total).
  • Orchestra Excerpts: as listed below (unless stated otherwise, ALL listed excerpts must be prepared).
  • Video Guidelines:
    • Please use 1 video file; if you used different takes for different excerpts, please combine them into one video
    • Using smartphone footage or another device with a clear camera and microphone is acceptable.
    • Upload your video to YouTube – should be published as “Unlisted”
    • Name your video file in this format:
      • UCBSS 23 Audition – [Instrument]_[Last name]_[First name]
      • Ex: UCBSS 23 Audition – Trumpet_Green_Thomas
    • Include the YouTube link on your audition form. Please ensure the link is accurate and working before submitting your form.

Orchestra Excerpts:


  1. Brahms – Symphony No. 1, 1st movement, mm. 1-9
  2. Beethoven – Symphony No. 3, 3rd movement, beginning through 1st ending


  1. Shostakovich – Symphony No. 5, 1st movement, rehearsal 15 until 17
  2. Beethoven – Symphony No. 3, 3rd movement


  1. Mozart – Symphony No. 35, 4th movement
  2. Beethoven – Symphony No. 3, 3rd movement


  1. Beethoven – Symphony No. 5, 2nd and 3rd movements, as indicated


  1. Beethoven – Leonore Overture No. 3, 328-360
  2. Ravel – Daphnis et Chloé, Suite No. 2, rehearsal 176 – 2 after 179
  3. Mendelssohn – Midsummer Night’s Dream, Scherzo, 2 before P – end


  1. Schubert – Symphony No. 9, 2nd movement, mm. 8-30
  2. Rossini – La Scala di Seta Overture, beginning until rehearsal 3
  3. Brahms – Violin Concerto, 2nd movement, mm. 3-32
  4. Optional: Ravel – Le Tombeau de Couperin, 1st movement (Prelude), beginning through first ending


  1. Mozart – Clarinet Concerto, 1st movement, beginning of solo through m. 154 (The Mozart may also be used as your prepared solo piece)
  2. Beethoven – Symphony No. 8, 3rd movement, Trio (mm. 48-78)


  1. Stravinsky – Firebird Suite, Berceuse, rehearsal number 1-8
  2. Rimsky-Korsakov – Scheherazade, 2nd movement, beginning to letter A
  3. Beethoven – Symphony No. 4, 4th movement, 184-190; 350-end

French Horn

  1. Mahler – Symphony No. 3, 1st movement, opening to rehearsal 2
  2. Brahms – Symphony No. 3, 3rd movement, letters B to C
  3. Shostakovich – Symphony No. 5, 1st movement, rehearsal 17-21
  4. For principal consideration: Stravinsky – Petroushka, Dance of the Ballerina, rehearsal 69-70


  1. Mahler – Symphony No. 5, solo
  2. Mussorgsky/Ravel – Pictures at an Exhibition, opening solo
  3. Beethoven – Leonore Overture No. 3, trumpet call
  4. For principal consideration: Stravinsky – Petroushka, Dance of the Ballerina, rehearsal 69-70


  1. Wagner – Die Walküre, Ride of the Walküres
  2. Rossini – La Gazza Ladra Overture, rehearsal F-G, rehearsal I – m. 442
  3. Wagner – Tannhäuser, Overture m. 378-end
  4. Mozart – Requiem, No. 3, Tuba Mirum


  1. Wagner – Die Meistersinger, Prelude
  2. Wagner – Die Walküre, Ride of the Walküres


  1. Please contact Marty Thenell at Martythenell(at)gmail(dot)com for excerpts. Also communicate with both Thomas Green (email above) and Marty Thenell about in-person audition signup process and/or access to percussion instruments.


  1. Bernstein – West Side Story, Mambo, mm. 404-437
  2. Copland – Appalachian Spring, rehearsal 6-14, 30-31


  1. Mahler – Symphony No. 5, Adagietto
  2. Tchaikovsky – Nutcracker Suite, Waltz of Flowers