UCBSO Featured Musicians

UCBSO is a unique ensemble in that its musicians come from all sort of backgrounds. Learn more about our featured musicians why they each love music.

Ellese Nguyen

Ellese is a senior applied mathematics major from San Diego, CA. Her favorite part about music is getting to share it with friends and family, whether it be through formal concerts, or small performances in her living room.

“My grandpa loved classical music and was the reason why I wanted to learn to play an instrument in 6th grade. It started with me performing my major scales for him and then eventually led to being able to play for him with UCBSO at Hertz Hall! I now perform in honor of his memory, and every concert set, I always look forward to a full house and opportunity to share music with those around me.”


Eric Yu

Eric is a clarinetist in the UCBSO and is also a first year Master’s student in the Product Development Program in Chemical Engineering. Aside from playing music, Eric enjoys going to concerts, dancing, and finding the best California burrito in the Bay Area. He hails from San Diego, CA where he first fell in love with music because of his high school band director. UCBSO has been transformative in his college experience from providing workshops with esteemed conductors such as Riccardo Muti to international trips such as the 2020 Tour to Central Europe.

“No matter where I am or where I may end up, music will forever be my home.”

Thomas Green

Thomas is a third-year music major and a trumpet player in UCBSO. He is also a member of the committee for tour planning!

“Great artists, whether it’s Toni Morrison or Johannes Brahms, always ask their audiences to engage in a poetic relationship with the world. In our day-to-day, very little else helps us fight against the acceleration of our already too-fast culture. The fact that for five hours a week, I, and a hundred of my peers, can participate in an ensemble like the UCBSO which is invested in engaging with music at a very meaningful level is absolutely amazing. It strikes me as an imperative part of all of our educations, and I wish that more students everywhere could have the same experience that we’re having. I think it would lead to a more complete and beautiful society.”

Jacob Solis

Jacob is a freshman intended Psychology major from Fremont, CA.

“I play bass because I love the depth and power it adds to music. I started playing as a freshman in high school and I’m so excited for the next four years with the UCBSO because playing alongside its great musicians makes my playing even better!”